How a bank questioned the value of money through a sci-fi short film:  
the story of Lucia, a woman that lives in the near future where it’s possible to buy and sell experiences.
She decides to sell some of her own experiences to gain wealth but, surrounded by luxuries
most of us can only dream of, she is forced to find her balance.

Grand Prix - Cannes Lions 2017 / Entertainment
Gold - Clio 2017 / Branded Entertainment
Gold - Cannes Lions 2017 / Film
Gold - LIA 2017 / Branded Entertainment
Gold - El Sol 2017 / Branded Content
Silver x2 - Cannes Lions 2017 / Entertainment
Silver - El Sol 2017 / PR
Bronze x3 - LIA 2017 / Branded Entertainment, Non-Traditional, Film
Bronze x3 - El Sol 2017 / TV, Media, PR

Negative brand sentiment dropped 24%
Fastest sign-up ratio in 160 years of history of the bank
35% of the annual business goal in just 2 weeks


Agency: MRM//McCANN Madrid
GCD: Miguel Bemfica
ECD: Jesus Revuelta
HA: Rafael Merino
AD: Ruben Sanchez / Yerai Gomez / Dani Requena
CW: Marcos Martinez / Sergio Villarrubia
Prod: Oxigeno Films
Dir: Kike Maillo