Ruben & Marcos
Creative Team

KFC Palace _ KFC

One day, we found out that young people in Spain were inviting each other to KFC on Twitter.
It seemed like people loved our chicken. But then, we realized they were not asking each other out to KFC.

They actually meant doing K.F.C. = Kiero (I want) Follar (to fuck) Contigo (with you).

Hmmm... Interesting.

When people get hot, we usually say: C’mon guys, book a hotel! But young people can't afford most hotel rates. So they have to enjoy their intimacy in places like backseats or dark alleys.

We made it simple: we created KFC Palace, an authentic suite in the purest KFC style inside one of the most luxurious hotels in Spain.

+5.2 M Impacts (greatest potencial reach ever on KFC Spain)
+326% Interaction rates
#TeinvitoaKFC TT on 30 october 2019

Agency: PS21
ECD: Víctor Blanco
CD: Yerai Gómez / Marcos Martínez
Prod: The Royal Family Films
Creative Team: Xema Cabanes / Pita / Alberto de Santos