Ruben & Marcos
Creative Team

Los Retornados _ KFC

KFC launched the new Chickadilla on October 31st. A Mexican product. On Halloween. A time when the QSR category are packed with zombie burgers and terrifying pizzas.

How could we stand out? Avoiding Halloween and celebrating Día de Muertos.

In Mexico Día de Muertos is a joyful holiday that honors those who are dead through food offering. So, that is exactly what we did. We invited people who were clinically dead to be our product prescribers.

And in order to make everyone as lucky as those who came back from the afterlife, we gave people a chance to get Chickadilla for life if they prove they have been dead. Publishing their own obituary in the newspaper. Gruesome? Yes. Fun? Yes. Mexican? Sí.

+ 14 M reach.
+ 17 M impressions.
Most sold limited time offer in KFC Spain history.

Agency: PS21
ECD: Víctor Blanco
CD: Yerai Gómez / Marcos Martínez
Prod: La Joya
Dir: Toño Mayor
Photographer: Pitu López