Ruben & Marcos
Creative Team

Your Purpose _ The Adecco Group

Human Resources consultancies in Spain are perceived as conservative enterprises, mainly focused on business rather than people. This fact has led them to become the least valued choice for those looking for a job.

In a moment when the radical right wing conservatives have become the third most voted party in Spain, we launched a campaign focusing less on resources and more on the human factor. Showing that people, in all their diversity, are the most valuable resource and empowering them to make the change their lives need.

+200M impressions.
+30M video views.
2M€ earned media value. 
+1630% positive comments in social media. 
+26% positive brand sentiment.

Agency: PS21
ECD: Víctor Blanco
ACD: Rubén Sánchez / Marcos Martínez
Prod: La Joya
Dir: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo